Cabo Corridor Real Estate

The Cabo Corridor

The scenic highway that traverses the coastline at the tip of the Baja, also known as the Golden Corridor, or the Tourist Corridor, stretches 30km, and connects the two beautiful towns of Cabo San Lucas and San Jose Del Cabo. While driving the highway you will witness breathtaking views of mountains meeting the crystal waters of the sea of Cortez which will leave you in a state of complete serenity. Beachgoers and commuters passing by can often spot whales breaching the ocean surface during the migration season.


Cabo Corridor Real Estate

The Cabo Corridor makes up the first half of the highway starting from Cabo San Lucas until the El Tule bridge. Along this span are many magnificent beachfront and oceanview homes and condos. The Cabo Corridor real estate is famous for its luxurious character, creative architecture and stunning views.

Being outside of the hustle and bustle of the Cabo San Lucas centre makes for a more peaceful environment, with the convenience of still being close by to all the amenities and leisure’s that downtown Cabo has to offer. Many of the luxurious neighbourhoods that are situated along the Cabo Corridor also have their own local amenities and stores. Residents of these spectacular communities can enjoy private golf and beach clubs, local restaurants and farmers markets, and are also very close to the popular American superstores such as Walmart and Costco.  

With the numerous conveniences that the area has to offer, Cabo Corridor real estate has become extremely popular, leading to further expansion of growth and development. New commercial and residential complexes are progressing outside of Central Cabo as the population grows and more people choose to migrate and experience the extraordinary Cabo lifestyle.

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